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Baci ;)

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About Me

Age: 22
Birthday: February 7th
Sign: Aquarius
Orientation: Straight
Joined: 2010-03-09 16:18:18
Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Location: US

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Weight: 49kg (108lbs)
Height: 169cm (5ft 7in)
Breasts: B Cup
Pubic Hair: Shaved
Body Type: Slim
Body Mods: Piercings

About Me

Photo of Mits Photo of Mits Photo of Mits Photo of Mits Photo of Mits

My Fetishes

Teasing, Stocking Tease

Role Playing

Boss / Secretary

Recent Reviews

gentleAzo on April 12, 2014:   Wonderfull woman in all aspects ... handle her with care and she'll give it back to you ...

Dima_Vladmirsmik_x971 on March 24, 2014:   mits is very kind she is lovely and sweet shes great model

Eight8s on March 20, 2014:   What a girl! Stunning both physically and in personality. She is great to talk to and great to watch in equal measure

TonyPerez on March 1, 2014:   Super special Lady . Charming and gorgeous

Lizat on February 23, 2014:   Total package ! Looks , brains , beauty and attitude

SimpleSeoman on February 18, 2014:   Mits is an incredible lady! Smart, funny, beautiful, and with a smile that will light you up :)!

xguestx on December 31, 2013:   what a shining blond angel on new years eve ... she should stand in the center of the firework and all rainbow colours should sparkle around her ...

gentleAzo on November 25, 2013:   singing in the rain, singing the hits - but nothing compares singing Mits .... kisses my angel

Mark_DE on October 3, 2013:   Very sweet and nice, worth every credit!
Love your cute smile "Engelchen"
Booooost her up !!!!!!!!

UakciL on September 30, 2013:   always an amazing hostess

Eight8s on September 27, 2013:   Elegant and smart beautiful Lady

SimpleWish on September 1, 2013:   happyly she's back from holidays - missed her much and gents handle her with care, she's a jewel on earth...

azo69 on July 8, 2013:   Everytime a pleasure in body and mind, beauty and attractivity, listening and acting ... list would be endless - and everytime missing when Mits is off ;-)

SimpleSeoman on June 15, 2013:   Once again, Mits is simply amazing! Was treated to a veritable concert from her today. A unique performance you'll be sorry to have missed. Including a very special duet. Mits as always, a pleasure and an honor. Songs in both English and her native Russian... Brava... Encore, encore.

BumbleBee888 on May 18, 2013:   She is a diamond girl! Best on here!

M_Robespierre on May 1, 2013:   Mits is the smartest and the most intelligent lady here. Treat her nicely guys.

SimpleSeoman on March 9, 2013:   Gentlemen, this young lady is not only a sweet, intelligent, beautiful young lady, she also sings with a great voice and was a pleasure to listen to. Thank you Mits! I look forward to our duet!

gentleAzo on February 22, 2013:   Mits, I allready love you ... kisses.

AdamMinx on December 21, 2012:   Very Nice girl

otto321 on November 12, 2012:   Mits will do all for enough money

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